Dilution and clipfish recipes

The simple main rule for dilution of clipfish, is to let the fish be in water 24 hours per centimeter thickness. Is the thicknes of the fish two centimeters, it shall stay in the water for 48 hours. If you wish the skin can easily be taken of before dilution.

Place the fish in an appropriate bucket of water. The water should be changed 1-3 times depending on how long the fish is dilution. The time of the dilution will also be influenced by what dish you are making. Fish used for frying or grilling can be in dilutiuon for a longer time then fish to be cooked.

An exact recipe for how the dilution to be done is difficult to give. The dilution also depends on what dish you are planning to make, and what each person's palate like. A tip is to taste a little bit of the thickest part of the fish. It should have a mild salty taste.

Clipfish recipes

Norwegian fish is quality and Norwegian clipfish is a particularly especially prized product worldwide.

There are countless clipfish dishes, and especially the Portuguese is known for its many different variants. In Norway, we are best known by the tomato-based bacalao dishes. This and tips for other good and tasty clipfish recipes can you find here.

Cod Fish with Tomato Sauce Recipe - Bacalao con Tomate.

Recipe by Harald Osa.

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