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Now you can buy Presidium Baccalà from Møre og Romsdal online.

Neeach is an online marketplace for direct sales and trading of small scale and homemade food and drink products internationally.

Presidium Baccalà da Møre og Romsdal has been invited to sell our clipfish (dried and salted cod).
Baccala from Møre og Romsdal is clipfish produced on the coast of Norway. The presidium project started in October 2008 when four clipfish producers from Møre og Romsdal started the collaboration. With support from Slow Food, Norsk Tradisjonsfisk and Innovation Norway the idea is to explore new areas and develop new strategies for a viable future for the Norwegian klippfish. 

We are happy for the cooperation with Neeach, and we believe this makes it much easier for you as customer to get our traditional product.

Read more about Neeach here.

Her you can buy Presidium Baccalà da from Møre og Romsdal.

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