Simple and tasty cod fish dish
You can quickly make a good and easy cod fish recipe.

Many dishes with the salted and dried codfish is very simple and quick to make. And it taste delicious.
Salted and dried cod fish is a versatile main ingredient for a host of different recipes. Here we present a simple and good recipe. You can be free to choose yourself what vegetables you want to use, but this is our suggestions:


Other ingredients:
Diluted salted and dried cod fish in small pieces
Tomato sauce

Cut the vegetables into suitable pieces and sauté it well in a pan with cooking oil. Fry the diluted cod fish separately in its own pan on medium/high heat. Add the tomato sauce in the vegetable mixture, and finally add the cod fish on top of vegetable mixture. Let it fry on medium heat, allowing the different flavors to blend well.

Add some black pepper and other spices such as oregano. Serve with boiled rice. A very simple and tasty recipe created in around 20 minutes.

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