Slow Food is an organization that works to preserve biological diversity in food production worldwide. It is an idealistic, eco-gastronomic, member-based organization that started in 1989 to counteract fast food, disappearance of local food and traditions, people's declining interest in the food they eat; where it comes from, how it tastes and how our foodchoices affect the rest of the world. Today, Slow Food has over 100,000 members in 153 countries. Three values they focus on: good / tasty, pure and fair food. To ensure these values and actively support the development Slow Food created three departments: Ark of taste, Presidium and Terra Madre. In brief, the departments can be defined as:

  • Ark of taste is a growing list of products that are forgotten, and in some cases about to disappear.
  • Presidium was established in 2000 to help the world's food producers more directly. These small-scale projects aim is to protect traditional products by helping to find new markets, get producers gathered for cooperation, and establish quality standards for products. The goal is to guarantee viable future for traditional food.
  • Terra Madre to bring together different foodareas, and work for quality that takes into account the environment and humanbeeings. mappe/default.htm
Norsk Tradisjonsfisk is a trademark association that will lead the Norwegian and North Atlantic seafood national and international - to give a competitive lead through creating a more minded attitude and share the knowledge of our unique cultural-historical pantry. Norsk Tradisjonsfisk consists of member companies that produce different kinds of fish. Products from Norsk Tradisjonsfisk has approved the criteria for special labeling. Producers are organized in networks.